Leek Morris are a group of Morris dancers who were formed in 2009.
It all began with a visit to Halsway Manor in Somerset with the Leek U3A Folk Dancing group led by Jean Bode who organised a visit each year.
Halsway is the home of English music and Folk Dance.
Whilst there, Joan Whilock and friends took part in a Morris Workshop run by Ken Winter of the Forest of Dean Morris Men. He gave much encouragement and armed with his CD of the music and scripts of the dances, ( plus fatherly advice on the phone afterwards ), Joan came back to Leek to  begin a new group. 
Research did not offer any evidence of a previous Morris Group in Leek, so it was not possible to follow a local tradition.
The very first proper dance out was at "Art in the Park" where a donation was offered to help purchase bells but as members of U3A, this was not allowed. This, together with the realisation that they needed to be open to all ages led to the group becoming independent.
For a start, the CD provided their only music ,but soon they were joined by an Accordian player, Brian Shufflebotham who took on the music and became a great support to the group.
And so began the fun !


Costumes and musicians !

Leek Morris' costume is a white shirt with a green baldric (the crossed ribbons which go over the shoulders).The original baldrics, plus extra fabric, were given by Jean Bode when the side first began and some of the lacy ribbon in the rosettes is victorian. A pair of stripey socks add more colour and then of course there are the bells, beautifully made out of yellow leather which were bought with the help of a donation from Leek Lions.
We are very fortunate to have a wonderful band of musicians - a violinist, a melodian player and two accordionists who are often joined by another melodian player and a bass guitarist.

Rehearsals are FUN ! .......

  ...And not TOO serious ! !

   A few notes about our dances. 

Most of our dances come from the Cotswold Tradition, mainly from the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. The Border Tradition, which comes from Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire (counties on the border of England and Wales), also gives us some lovely dances.

Other Traditions are North West, Longsword Dancing (Yorkshire & S. Durham), Rapper (from Northumberland) and Molly Dancing (from Cambridge). 



Lads a Bunchum
Black Joke (Joak)
Postman’s Knock
Princess Royal
Come Landlord Fill

Constant Billy

Winter’s Dream
Ruardean Reel
Soldiers Joy

Badby Beaux

Country Gardens

Upton Hanky
Upton Stick

(Taken from the
(“Vandals of Hammerwich”)
Ring o Bells

Leek Torc

Shepherd’s Hey
Cock o the North
Tinner’s Rabbit